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In 1992, Candace Vallot Mannino and her husband, Frederick, first began designing and producing hand-painted bowls depicting flowers that grew around their New Orleans studios and up the river at Candace’s grandmother’s house.


Soon after, a loyal local following of collectors developed in the famous French Quarter and along the coast, in nearby Pass Christian and in Ocean Springs Mississippi.


Candace's creative vision and unique brushwork are unmistakable in all of the Vallot Mannino designs. Each piece of pottery is an original, a one-of-a-kind. They are carefully hand-painted with colorful glazes and fired to 1,922 degrees, twice. No two are ever alike!

Things have really been picking up ever since we started the Bienville Oyster line of ceramic cooking shells. We are growing and trying all kinds of new ideas, so stay tuned, we want to see you.


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