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Situated between the ancient moss covered oaks of Louisiana and the emerald green waters of south Alabama is the beautiful and picturesque Mississippi Gulf Coast and the happy home of the Bienville Oyster Company, brought to you by Vallot Mannino Designs.


We love art and we love seafood. So we decided to put the two together and get creative. We especially love grilled oysters and entertaining our friends. And saving time is always a plus, especially while working in the kitchen. 


The idea is to buy fresh shucked oysters and use the Bienville Oyster Shell to grill your oysters at home. No time spent shucking, just cooking.


That's how and why we created the lagniappe dozen, 13 count sack, of handmade ceramic oyster shells. Made from a special type of grill-top-friendly clay, our shells were designed for grilling oysters, but may be used in the oven and broiler too. And while they were created with seafood recipes in mind, your welcome to cook up anything you like. We encourage you to use them to serve up raw oysters as well, because every dish should always look terrific. We are all about function and great presentation.


After you enjoy a fabulous meal, clean up and load the dishwasher, just store the shells in the burlap carry/storage bag until you're ready to do it again. We know you won't wait long because grilling out is a fun way to cook and always brings people together.


Bags are $128.00 for a 13 count sack, lagniappe dozen of ceramic cooking shells and $64.00 for the half bag, 6 count sack.

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