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We want to make your platter, plate or bowl especially just for you and that special someone or very special occasion. Think of things like weddings, birthdays, congratulations on achievements, maybe someone's very first house and so on. You just think of what you want to say and Candace will hand paint it on the back.

But we can't write a novel and still fit it on the back of your piece of pottery, so please be reasonable. Get straight to the point with "Happy Birthday Mom" or "I Love you always, Candace 10/24/2018" or "Congrats" or "Happy Anniversary" or "Merry Christmas, From the Mannino Family 2018."


We think about 45 to 50 characters would be about the limit, but let's too keep our options open. We really want you to get what you want, not just what you need.

Please use the CONTACT US page to send me what you want to see hand painted on the back of your platter. This very special feature is offered for only a $25.00 up charge, but we think its worth it, and hope you will too. 

Work in progress 2018.jpg
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