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Life after Tropical Storm Cindy

The rain has stopped for now and its a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, at least for the time being. But they say more rain is likely. We've had over a foot now. But I welcome the change in the weather, its usually balmy in June and July and a mild tropical blow seems good for the soul. It blows the cobwebs out. Just so its not a Cat 5 I 'll be fine.

We have been trying to keep busy and tend to business but life is getting in the way, in a good way. Family is in town and work slows but the visits are good. Plus our daughter is getting ready for college too. There is much to do as always.

We have many orders to fill and have some new accounts too. We started a Kick Starter run yesterday for Bienville Oyster Co., so tell your people.

New accounts in Orange Beach, Fairhope, AL and Waveland, MS and New Orleans. We are always looking for new promotion ideas, so please let me know. I have a few irons in the fire and it remains to be seen just which ones may prove most productive.

Life in Biloxi way back when, circa 1900

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