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Look Out November, we headed your way Peter Anderson

Last month was a record breaker. Amelia went to SCAD. Gone to college. Wow how things change. From part time PJ's and GHS to SCAD in Savannah, GA.

And its been a big October so far too. We saw Cage the Elephant and met the band!!! What nice guys they are, so cool and approachable. See the pic below. Then we considered chasing them to Memphis but cooler heads won the day.

Next we got a new puppy! Yikes. I didn't see this coming at all. It was a stray that Candace's parents gave us and we think it could be a Beagle Dachshund mix. But it needs a home none the less. And finally Candace is back throwing pottery and making her wares and getting ready for the show, see below.

We also picked up a new shop in New Orleans recently too, Judy's at the Rink. Please look for us there if you are in town.

More to follow.

Brad and Nick of Cage The Elephant

New works in the works

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