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Personalized platters for all occasions

We have been thinking that the you might like to have your platter, bowl or plate order personalized by Candace on the back with a short quote, phrase, or message like Merry Christmas, With Love, Forever and Ever, etc., you get the idea. We want make this a studio offer for now and get this going, hopefully in time to take some orders for the Peter Anderson Show, that is 14 days from now! We will see what happens. The phone started ringing this a.m. almost right after we started talking about it on Facebook so I think this may have some legs.

Think of birthdays, anniversary's, weddings and so on. Let your imagination go wild. After we see how this goes we are thinking of next planning a campaign with a Indigogo, KickStarter or a GoFundMe, type thing and see how that goes. Because each item is unique and made to order just for you, there is an added cost of $10.00 for the personalized service, but all orders must be paid for in full and in advance, before work begins.

In getting to know our customers better through this new service we hope to bring some attention and support to The Florida Keys Community Land Trust. We believe in this project and are passionate about it. They need your support and that's why we want to help them get the word out. Check out what they are doing for the workforce in Monroe County Florida affected by Hurricane Irma and how they seek to preserve and enhance the the way of life for good folk who want to continue to live in this area. Go to

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